Monday, May 10, 2004
Dear [[SupporterFirstName]],

This past Saturday, more than 10,000 volunteers knocked on over xxxx doors and registered over XXX,XXX voters - all in a single afternoon. ACT and its America Votes Partners held events in every state, with over 250 canvasses in the seventeen swing states. This kind of mobilization is completely unprecedented six months before an election.

Just imagine what you can accomplish in the 17X days ahead with thousands more volunteers. Please forward this email to everyone you know, show them the pictures from Saturday, and ask them to join ACT.

I'm writing today to thank everyone who participated and to ask those of you who didn't to join us in the future. Our offices are open for volunteers at all times, and the second Saturday of every month from now until the election we will be holding national Election Action Days, bringing thousands of Americans together to canvass, phone bank, and register voters.

Forward this email and ask your friends to sign up now:

[volunteer page]

It promises to be another trying week for us all. As more horrifying pictures come out of Iraqi prisons, intense partisan questioning continues at home. Here in Washington, Congress and the White House are
looking to assign blame.

We see these pictures are a dramatic wake up call to all Americas because, at the end of the day, responsibility rests with each of us - you and I.

The war in Iraq is each of our responsibility.

Defeating George W. Bush and electing Democrats up and down the ticket on November 2nd is our responsibility too.

If everyone one who receives this email forwards it to five friends, we will have 100,000 new ACT members within a week. That’s 100,000 new people who can phone bank, canvass, and talk to their neighbors. Forward this email to everyone you know now:

[ link]

Take a look at the photo gallery from Saturday [link] where you'll see the faces of thousands of ACTivists. They know that every voter you contact or register is a vote for change. It's real, it matters, and
it's working!

The possibility to change America is yours - and with ACT, the power is in your hands like never before. You showed this Saturday what you can do – now spread the word.

We've built the largest operation in each of the battleground states, but it only will work if tens of thousands of new volunteers get involved.


With great appreciation,

Steve Rosenthal

CEO, America Coming Together
PS: We need your financial contribution now more than ever. Please, if you can, give $25 today towards purchasing literature and paying for canvassing in the 17 swing states.

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